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Bay leaves  Sultan - German -is an aromatic leaf, and it is a leaf of the evergreen laurel tree, and the laurel tree is a conical tree, and the Bay leaves is not eaten directly but is used to add a special flavor to foods, because it has a distinctive taste.


It is used as a spice in cooking and is characterized by its very pleasant aroma and distinctive flavor in dishes.


Bay leaves  is used when preparing recipes to flavor foods, as it is placed dry when cooking and then removed when serving. It is often used when preparing main dishes from stews such as stewed potatoes with vegetables or white rice with chicken. It is also used in the preparation of soups, such as yellow lentil soup or potato soup.


It is packed in a sturdy and airtight glass container to preserve it and its taste for as long as possible, as it is recyclable and thus also ensures that the pollution rate in the environment is reduced.


It is distinguished by its strong taste, good smell and dark green color.

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