Sultan cinnamon sticks 5 pieces

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Sultan - Cinnamon Sticks - 5 pieces It is the outer layer of the trunk of a tropical evergreen tree, harvested from the inner bark of trees that has been dried, and then the cinnamon is processed into sticks.


Cinnamon is one of the most important beneficial spices used medicinally throughout the world and is distinguished by its brown color, aromatic and delicious aroma and strong taste.



It can be used in many recipes, as it is added to meat and chicken in boiling, and it is also used in many types of desserts, such as apple or pear tart.


It can also be boiled to prepare a delicious drink with honey or with walnuts


Packaged in an airtight glass container that helps protect the product from any agent that may cause a change in its taste or flavour.


The product contributes to protecting the environment and reducing pollution, as glass is a recyclable material



100% natural and free from preservatives and artificial colors.

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