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Castor oil has the special property of intensively penetrating into the deeper areas of the skin while at the same time building healthy skin protection. This property makes castor oil an optimal hair care product. It convinces again and again by its support in the hair growth, strengthens the hair and gets it soft and shiny.
Castor oil supports hair growth and ensures a natural protection of the scalp.
It strengthens the hair and gives them a silky shine.
With regular care the hair becomes softer and more elastic.
Castor oil penetrates deep into the skin, thus protecting the body from environmental influences and stimulating collagen production. It is contained in many lipsticks. It improves the adhesion on the lips and lends the lips shine. It can be massaged into the skin for skin care. It tightens the skin and reduces wrinkles. Scarred areas remain elastic when treated with castor oil. The treatment of warts should also have been proven. Castor oil for skin care has many advantages: Cheap home remedy for daily skin care. It contains many unsaturated fatty acids and stimulates collagen production. Regular skin care softens the skin, reduces eye wrinkles and small wrinkles.
The care with castor oil makes the eyelashes shine. When applying the oil with an eyelash brush, make sure that it does not come into the eye. After an exposure time of 1 - 2 hours, the oil is removed with a moist cosmetic towel.
The most common medical application of castor oil is its use as a laxative. Many people are afraid of taking and therefore ask themselves the following questions: How to take castor oil? How long does it take for the oil to develop? How often can castor oil be used? In principle, castor oil may only be used in the short term. Long-term use can lead to an increase in intestinal inertia.

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