Meat lamb with bones- 1 kg

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Fresh - Halal

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The process of ordering and shipping halal meat and chicken products on the same day

1- Mosaic transfers the quantities requested by customers to one of the main Halal butchers, who in turn orders the carcass a day before it arrives

2- The butcher will distribute the carcass according to the orders with the required weights, wrap it, cool it and prepare it for delivery to the mosaic driver

3- The mosaic driver receives the products by measuring the temperature of the products and registering them in the cold chain register to ensure that the chain is never broken

4- The driver brings the products to the Mosaic Company in special cool boxes

5- The product reception team takes a sample and examines it for smell, texture and, of course, measurement of temperature in order to record it in the cold chain register

6- The packaging team then sorts the products according to their wishes, while each order is packed separately with packaging materials intended for cooling.

7 - The remainder of the order is picked up and shipped Monday through Thursday exclusively by express delivery to ensure it is delivered to the customer's door within a maximum of 24 hours, taking into account that the refrigeration preservation materials are tested and hold the temperature of 0-7 degrees for a period of up to 30 hours

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