Kharta White Mate Tea 250 g

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"Kharta White Mate Teaa herbal plant that is hand-picked with knives, then sorted and cleaned well, and then passed over a high heat to be vaporized and dried quickly,Thus the fermenting enzymes that change the color are eliminated, thus keeping the green color of the Mate for a very long time.


It is wrapped in a cardboard cover that ensures the product is free of germs and microbes and preserves it from external factors that may cause damage it . It is an environmentally friendly material that can be recycled


The product is natural and free from preservatives and artificial colors.


It is characterized by its delicious taste, good smell and speed of preparation.


It is made by soaking the dried leaves in hot water and serving them either with honey or sugar, and sometimes the peel of lemon or orange is added, or with lemon balm leaves, mint leaves, chamomile , ginger and  some other flavorings, also you can add the  milk to it instead of water 



It is ideal for drinking  in the evenings with friends or family, especially with the hookah 



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