Arabic Brown bread 5 Pieces

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Product information

"Arabic Brown bread - German made- is one of the foods that nutritionists recommend to eat for people who follow a diet to lose weight, or who suffer from digestive problems, as it would speed up the metabolism due to the availability of large amounts of fiber in the wheat which prepared from it the brown flour.


The product is wrapped in a nylon cover to preserve its quality and protect it from the factors that may cause its damage

It is an environmentally friendly product due to its ability to be recycled


It is Prepared from the finest types of wheat and distinguished by its delicious taste and pleasant aroma.


It can be eaten in many dishes or for breakfast as an alternative to white bread or baked breadfor a healthier and more beneficial food.


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Product information
Herkunft Deutschland
Produktgruppe Gebäck
Verpackung Folie
Formbeschreibung 33x 43 cm
Transport und Lagertemperatur Kuhl und Trocken lagern
Nettogewicht 250
GMO Das Produkt wird nicht mit gentechnischen Verfahren hergestellt und enthält keine gentechnische veränderten Mikroroganismen sowie keine Kennzeichnungspflichtigen Zutaten nach den Veordnungen 1829/2003 und 1830/2003
Allergene Laut Rezeptur enthalten: Gutenhltiges Getreide
Zutaten weizenmehl , Hefe , Wasser, Salz
Nährwertangaben je 100g
Brennwert kcal 1178/278
Brennwert kJ  
Fett 1.6
Fett gesättigt 0.3
Kohlenhydrate 51.1
davon Zucker 2.4
Ballaststoffe 7.2
Eiweiß 11.3
Salz 0.75
Verantwortlicher Unternehmer:
Incekan Brotvertrieb