Manna & Salwa -Mozzaik 225 g

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Manna, Salwa, Manna and Salwa, or "Heaven's Dove" or "Heavenly Honey", is a sticky dye that tends to be similar to molasses. It is produced from old walnut trees, oak trees, a spruce tree and some trees that grow. In high places in the autumn. There is a small insect on the trunk of these trees called (Man) and this insect secretion of this material glue and gather on the roots and leaves and called gum arabic, and then collected by farmers in the early morning so as not to be exposed to the sun and lose to the wife and cleared of impurities, And different flavors such as halal and some nuts and small balls and rolled in flour and offered to eat or reservation in boxes made of wood to keep them from the atmosphere,...

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